Opening Hours

Monday-Sunday 8.30am-9.00pm-ish

We generally just take walk-ins, so come on down we will be able to sit you. However if you prefer the security of a booking we now also have booking slots available. Please give us a call if you require assistance.
We accept Mastercard and Visa

Home-style cook’n

With home-style cookin’ Sweet Mother’s Kitchen draws on influences from New Orleans in food, music and décor. We’re talking comfort food that’s good for your soul. Come for all day breakfast on weekends or perhaps a sweet fix with our homemade pies. Serving everything from coffee, milkshakes to cocktails and of course a selection of wines & beer.  It’s been said our look is eclectic- that’s just the way we like it!


Waffle Wednesday – ALL DAY WAFFLE DEALS!
Taco Thursdays – $5 Tacos & $10 Margaritas
Friday Frenzy – $12 Cocktail
Social Hour – 3-5pm Tap Beer & Nachos $20 / $5 Nola Bites / Curly fries & Milkshake $13
Weekday deal – $14 Po Boy + Curly Fries + Can drink $23
PIES! PIES! PIES! Get in touch about whole pies- all we need is 24 hours. You can enjoy our delicious pies at home to celebrate a Birthday, afternoon tea party – or any party!

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Yep, takeaway available!
phone (04)385.4444
or get us with Delivereasy
We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

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Served All day everyday untill 4pm

Beignets New Orleans donuts. Great for dunking into your coffee. Served all day – $8
Chocolate filled beignets – $10
Coconut, quinoa & chia muesli With toasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds, Berry Compote, Coconut Yoghurt, Banana & Seasonal Fruit – $13

Mixed berry compote, ricotta & maple syrup – $18.50
Buttermilk fried chicken & syrup – $18.50
Two plain waffles & syrup – $11
Two plain waffles with chocolate syrup & cream – $15
Waffle hog (GF) Cheddar & jalapeño cornmeal waffle with pulled pork, a poached egg, pickled onion & hollandaise – $19
Pain Perdu New Orleans style French toast, pecan praline bacon & maple syrup – $19

EGGS & MORE – $11
Streaky bacon
– $6.5
Potato hash (gf) – $6.50
Sausage (gf) – $6.5
Hollandaise – $2.5
Chili beef (gf) – $6.5
Grilled tomato – $4.5
New Orleans style red beans (gf) – $6.5
Black beans (gf) (v) – $5
Creamy mushroom (vt) (gf) – $6.5
Creamed spinach (vt) (gf) – $6.5
Extra one egg – $3 / two eggs – $5
Flossy’s Favourite Two eggs, potato hash, creamy mushrooms, black beans, hollandaise & grain toast – $22.50*
Big J’s Breakfast Two eggs, potato hash, red beans, bacon, sausages, hollandaise & grain toast – $24*

*No substitutes please. Gluten free toast available

 Piece of toast & butter – $2.5 each:
$2.5 each: Salsa, hollandaise, sour cream, creole, comeback sauce, honey mustard, chipotle mayo

Eggs Herbert
Creamed spinach, artichoke, grilled fish, a poached egg, hollandaise on baguette toast – $19
Eggs Bomba Creamed spinach, artichoke, grilled tomato, a poached egg, hollandaise on baguette toast – $18
Cysco Scramble Tempeh, mushroom, onion, peppers, artichoke, grilled tomato, black beans, corn tortillas – $18
Huevos Rancheros GF Corn tortillas, black beans, grilled cheese, fried eggs + salsa & crema – $15
Breakfast Burrito Tortilla, scrambled eggs, black beans, cheese + salsa & guacamole – $14
Add Extras to go inside burrito: – $3 each, Potato hash – $3 each, Bacon – $3 each
Mushrooms on Toast Creamy mushrooms. Choose bread- baguette / grain / gluten free – $15

baguette, sourdough or gluten-free toast. butter & your choice of either marmalade, honey, or vegemite (extra add ons for $2 each). -$7
Po Boy sandwiches Toasted baguette
– Bacon & egg – $8.5
– Egg, cheese & tomato – $8.5
– ‘All in one’ Egg, bacon, sausage, tomato & hollandaise – $14
– Sausage ‘n egg (SMK’s spicy homemade sausage) – $9


15% surcharge on public holidays

Served 11.30am until close

Hush puppies
VT GF accompanied with a mix of Comeback & Cocktail Sauce – $12
SMK cornbread GF + butter – $6
Corn chips GF salsa + guacamole – $9.5  V*
Curly fries V – $9.50
Hastie hot wings GF Sriracha, Ranch & Celery – $14
Swamp dip VT heated spinach, artichoke + cheesy dip corn chips or toasted baguette $14
Who dat bread herb, chilli & garlic – $7.5

Dan boy
tempeh, beetroot & chipotle aioli – $14 V*
Prawn cornmeal coated – $14
Pulled pork honey mustard + slaw – $14
BBQ Chicken – $14
Fish cornmeal coated – $14
Cuban pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickle, honey mustard, pressed + toasted $16.5

WEEKDAY COMBO – till 3.30pm any of the $14 po boys + coke, sprite or L& P + curly fries $23

Big easy burger beef patty/ caramelised onions/ cheese/ fried pickle/ bbq sauce/ lettuce + tomato – $21 | with fries $27.50
Muffaletta olive + pickled veg salad/ grilled artichoke, pepper + eggplant/ Swiss/ green goddess/ chipotle  V* – $21 | with fries $27.50

SMK-MEX   TACOS x 2 corn tortillas GF
Fish spiced grilled fish / slaw/chipotle aioli + lime – $13.8
Chicken breast / SMK taco spice, iceberg lettuce, salsa & guacamole – $13.80
Black bean + feta iceberg/ salsa + guacamole $13.80  V*
Pork belly Cajun spice/ slaw/honey mustard & pickle onion $14
Halloumi (VT) guacamole, slaw, cucumber salsa & pickled onion – $13.80

Pulled pork
Grilled chicken
Triple H Buttermilk fried chicken breast, slaw + Louisiana cocktail sauce
The O.G.EEE (VT) smokey mushroom & tempeh, salad greens, slaw, crema & salsa

‘Na’ NACHOS GF grilled cheese/ crema/ salsa
Beef + bean chili 18
Black beans 16.5

Extras $2.5 creole aioli/comeback sauce/BBQ sauce/ salsa/ chipotle aioli/remoulade/ranch/crema

V* can be made vegan  (V) = Vegan  (shared fryer)

GF = Gluten free.  Please notify us of any allergies


15% surcharge on public holidays

Bambam bowl GF SMK brown rice & chickpeas / black beans/ salad greens/ pickled carrots/ pumpkin seeds/ beetroot / crema / green goddess – $14

grilled chicken +$6.50
spiced grilled fish +$6.50
halloumi +$6.50
tempeh strips (GF) +$6.50
tempeh/beetroot/feta +$6.50
pickled veg (V) +$5
buttermilk fried chicken +$12.50

Mother Knows Best salad Salad Greens, Quinoa, Tomato, Pumpkin Seeds & Tortilla Strips (GF) – $11

grilled chicken +$6.5
spiced grilled fish +$6.5
halloumi +$6.5
tempeh strips (gf) +$6.5
tempeh/beetroot/feta +$6
pickled veg (V) +$5
buttermilk fried chicken +$12.5

Gumbo Traditionally cooked Roux with Sausage, Chicken & Rice $19
Cajun blackened fish GF Fish of the day, Remoulade Sauce, Bourbon Mash, Salad Greens – $32
Sirloin Steak (250gm) SMK garlic butter, curly fries or bourbon mash + salad greens – $34
Seafood chowder Delicate & creamy -scallops, mussels, fish + prawns – $19
Add $4 for toasted baguette + butter
Mad dog ribs GF Slow cooked beef short ribs, bourbon mash + salad greens – $32
Prawn Monica Pasta + prawns, cream sauce, green capsicum, celery & onion, Creole spice + Parmesan – $24
Chicken in a basket Buttermilk fried chicken, curly fries, vinegar slaw- if want it + comeback sauce – $19
Jambalaya (VT) (V) The All time FAV – Chicken, Prawns, Sausage & Rice in a Tomato Based Creole Sauce – $27
OR With Artichokes, Capsicum, Roast Eggplant & Rice in a Tomato Based Creole Sauce $25
The ‘Moose’ Mac & cheese -spiral pasta, Gruyere + hint of truffle oil – $15   ADD bacon bits – $3
Enchiladas GF Corn tortillas, creamy mushrooms + pumpkin+ Creole sauce+ grilled cheese. SMK brown rice + salad greens – $22
RCA ribs Smothered in SMK’s bbq sauce +curly fries Creole aioli – $31
‘Send it!’ Jerk chicken GF Breast in 18 spice marinade -a hint of rum. Grilled in SMK jerk rub, salsa, lime, red beans (ham hock) + rice – $27

V* can be made vegan (V) = Vegan   (shared fryer)


Red beans & rice (Ham hock) – $5
Black beans & rice (veg) – $5
Creamed spinach – $5
Bourbon mash – $5
Potato hash – $6.50
Creamy spinach (GF) – $6.50
Creamy mushrooms (GF) – $6
3 piece Buttermilk fried chicken with comeback sauce – $14

Bananas Foster A New Orleans favourite. Bananas sautéed in a caramel sauce, flambéed with rum & banana liquor, served with vanilla ice cream – $12
Beignets New Orleans style donuts (great dunked in coffee) – $8
Chocolate filled beignets – $10
Bread & butter pudding Old-fashioned goodness served with a Whiskey butterscotch sauce & ice cream – $15

HOMEMADE PIES  – Served with cream or yogurt. ADD $2 for ice cream
Apple pie Sweet mother goodness, fresh apples with cinnamon spice – $9.50
Banoffee pie
Caramel, banana, custard with cream on top goodness – $11
Key lime pie
Cookie crumb base with a sweet lime mousse- like filling – $9.50
Rhubarb & strawberry streusel 
Delicious stewed rhubarb with a crumble like topping – $9.50
Pecan and bourbon
 Scrumptious toffee flavours with toasted pecans – $9.50
Peanut butter
A chocolate cookie crust with a chilled, whipped peanut butter filling – $9.50
Pumpkin pie Delicately spiced old fashion style – $9.50
Macaroon & chocolate mousse
 GF Coconut shell with a luscious chocolate filling – $9.50

Check for our seasonal pies!

Breakfast 8 – 11.30am. 8am – 4pm weekends

U-Egg 1 fried/ scramble or poached egg on toast 6
Waffle and Banana 6.5

Rest of the day from 11.30am

Katey’s Combo – basket of curly fries with battered chicken or fish bites 10.5
Sarah’s Big Hair Nachos GF  – corn chips/ black been/ cheese 9
Chesse ke-sah-dee-uh  – flour tortilla and cheese 5

Hurricane $15.5
Martinique rum & Havana Rums, orange juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit, fresh lime & grenadine

The Malonso $12.5
Mount Gay rum, Mela apple juice, lime with a splash of soda & mint

Spiced Rum Pina Colada $15
In-house spice rum, pineapple and coconut cream

Margarita $12.5
El Jimador Reposado Tequila, cointreau, lime & sugar syrup

Margarita Jug $45  (approx. 4 glasses)
Cadillac Margarita $15.5

As above- but with either Jose Cuervo 1800, Heradura Reposado or One Two Three Uno Blanco Tequila (organic)

Sazerac $16
Rye Whisky, Peychaud bitters, Absinthe & simple syrup

Pimms Cup $12.5
Pimms, fruity bits, mint, lemon & ginger-ale

Berry Mojito $13.5
Bacardi white rum, fresh lime, berry compote, mint and soda

The Preacher (SMK’s Bloody Maria) $12.5
Tequila, tomato juice, oj, fresh lime, jalapeños, hot sauce & SMK spices

Ravishing Rick Rouge (Bloody Mary) $12.5
42 Below Vodka, tomato juice, lemon, pickled beans, hot sauce & SMK spice

Sangria (approx. 4 glasses) $35
Merlot, Napoleon Brandy, Orange, Orange slices, soda

Sweet Texas Iced Tea $14
Heavan hill Bourbon, lemon, black tea syrup, dash of lemonade & mint

Whiskey sour $15.5
Wild turkey rye, lemon, egg white, sugar with a cherry on top!

Madame Ritz $14.5
Rogue gin, aperol, grapefruit toped with bubbly!

Sweet Mother’s Kitchen
5 Courtenay Place
New Zealand

ph 04 385 4444

*It may occur that the information on the menu here is not exactly the same as on the menus in the restaurant. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. We do our best!